Artificial Intelligence: Fear & Fearmongering

Lately, there has been a constant fear lurking around the AI landscape, which has raised several debates around the technology. A lot fear that AI may soon exceed human intelligence which has further given rise to a lot of fearmongers, who are rather misleading the society towards artificial intelligence.

Until last few weeks, I never anticipated to be writing this article, but now I hope to make sincere efforts in busting the fearmongers by describing information which is far undercooked from what mainstream media might, unfortunately, be suggesting.

Artificial Intelligence has jumped from sci-fi movie plots into mainstream news headlines in just a few years of time. Why are we talking about it now? Multiple factors have converged to push AI to relevance.

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About Me

I am a Data Scientist. I love to share what I do and I am always keen on opportunities to develop my skills and work with people I can learn from. Hope you like my blog!


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